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Tutorials for learning ns-2

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ns-2 Tutorials for Beginners

1. Tutorial for the Network Simulator "ns" - widely known as Marc Greis Tutorial (Website) (PDF)

2. NS by Example - Jae Chung & Mark Claypool (Website)

3. NS Simulator for Beginners - Eitan Altman & Tania Jimenez (PDF)

ns-2 Tutorials for Advanced Users

1. The ns Manual, May 2010 - Kevin Fall & Kannan Vardhan (Website) (PDF)

2. Implementing a new MANET Unicast Routing Protocol in ns-2 - Francisco J. Ros & Pedro M. Ruiz (PDF)

3. ns-2 Learning Guide - Chih-Heng Ke (Website)

Other ns-2 Related Tutorials

1. A Comparison of the Architecture of Network Simulators: NS-2 and TOSSIM - Michael Karl (PDF)

2. Network Animator (NAM) (Website)

3. Xgraph Utility of NS-2 (PDF)

4. GNU plot (Website)

5. AWK: A Tutorial and Introduction - Bruce Barnett (PDF)